Expert Web Services for the public safety industry

Veteran owned, WCES, Inc. has been in the web development industry for the fire, EMS, and public safety sector for over 20 years – longer than some developers have been alive. WCES, Inc., founded in 1996 by Montgomery Gearhart, caters directly and exclusively to first responder industries. Monty started out helping fire departments digitally recreate hand-drawn graphics, emblems, and logos to be used on the exteriors of fire trucks. We’ve kept up with the times, and we’re still here (stronger than ever).

From the early dawn of the internet, WCES has grown into a full-service project management, web development, training, hosting, and marketing solution. With our expert consulting, we have helped a variety of leaders in the first responder community: non-profits, product manufacturers, and government agencies. If you need help, we are your team.


We don’t mess around, we don’t fluff, we don’t procrastinate.

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