Project Description

Since 1987 NEFEA has been known throughout the North East as a premier supplier and service center for emergency apparatus and general fire equipment. We were brought in to update an out of date website design and increase SEO.

WCES has been working with NEFEA for decades. It was time to rebuild our old work. This website was a rebuild from a very old custom built website built prior to smartphones, to get them into a new mobile responsive WordPress website. This was a CMS platform upgrade, update an out of date website design, make it mobile friendly, and increase search engine visibility type of job.

This project required several database imports and exports, reorganizing their store category structure, a manual load of all products by hand from manufacturer websites, as well as sorting through tables and improperly sized images from multiple website administrators who had worked on the site over the years. We also wrote new content, organized the website in a completely different layout, and threw in a free logo redesign.


  • WordPress CMS Backend
  • Full Custom PSD Design
  • Custom Logo Creation
  • Shared Category Taxonomy & Template Routing
  • Category Restructuring
  • Data Normalization

Project Details

Client: NEFEA

Tags: Website Design

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